Success Stories

Here are a few of our Success Stories:

"I can now say I am proud of myself. From being addicted to prescription pain killers to now being a patient at the treatment center has been a big success in my life. Staying committed to my treatment plan, I have been clean since starting. Although it was a tough journey, a lot of guilt, bad thoughts, and tears come with being clean. You think more and accomplish a whole lot more. You're smarter, wiser and proud of yourself, that you made it to this point in your life. Since being in this program,  I've gotten a very successful job, as well as paid off quite a bit of debt, I've mended broken friendships, and have become very close with my family. Also, during treatment I became a mother. Looking back on where I was to where I am now, is a drastic, but positive change. This treatment program along with the uplifting counselors has helped me keep my head on straight so that I can continue to be a great mom. I'm very thankful to have the support that I do, up at this center, because in my personal life I don't have any. Everyone has their opinion on treatment centers, negative and positive. But to me, this place has saved my life in a sense. If the treatment center wasn't so successful, I'd be going backwards in my life. But instead I can now say I am proud of myself." - 24 year old female

"Is CCTC right for you? It has been right for me. Was it easy? No, it was been worth it though. It takes work and commitment. The medicine gets rid of the withdraws. You still have to want to be clean. You have to want to not have to chase dope, you have to be willing to get up and be there everyday until you phase up. You have to be willing to learn to cope and feel again, which is the hardest part. The counselors can really help with that. I am finally, with CCTC help, in a place in my life where  I can start living. Past regrets? Yes. Hope? YES! For the first time i years, I have hope! Thank you CCTC staff." - 43 year old female

"Since coming to CCTC my life has improved significantly. I feel like I have my life back. I am a better father, partner, and all together a better person. CCTC has helped me to realize the person I was is not who I want to be; for my daughter, family, nor myself." 26 year old male

HBO has a series on Addiction. This video is very informative about Replacement Therapy/Medicated Assisted Treatment/Methadone Maintenance Treatment when treating opiate addiction.

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